Identity Theft

As vigilant as you are, identity theft can happen. Hackers, thieves, and con artists obtain and exploit your personal information through means as varied as rummaging through your trash for documents or breaking into a bank computer network. But as frighteningly common as identity fraud is, you can rest secure in the knowledge that the law protects you—U.S. federal law limits your liability for unauthorized charges to $50. In California, the statutes are even stricter—you carry zero dollars liability for unauthorized charges.

If, after identify theft occurs, you file a police report or give notification of fraudulent charges, your creditors must admit your lack of liability, remove any liens and judgments, and repair your credit file. Unfortunately, in some cases, banks and other creditors do not comply with this obligation. In such instances, I am on your side. I fight so you can clear your record, restore your credit, AND get your legal fees reimbursed.

Typically, the ID fraud cases result in a judgment for the person affected. Moreover, courts often award attorney fees to such claimants further lessening financial impact of litigation.

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