Real Estate

  • Structured, implemented and supervised thirty-million dollar investment by an overseas client into real estate in California. With my help, client purchased and demolished five multi-family residential apartment buildings, vacated them and built a 30-unit deluxe condominiums in Beverly Hills, CA. I managed the project, hired technical staff and construction companies, and developed contracts. Handled city permit process, planning and architectural commissions, and evictions of holdover tenants.
  • Successfully defended in state court a large commercial property owner against judicial foreclosure proceeding, involving receiver, deficiency judgment. Case settled on terms favorable to the client after litigation and arbitration. Client was able to keep his assets, such as family home and investments, intact while bank took a loss in excess of one million dollars (plus attorney fees).
  • Helped locate, purchase and rebuild a large estate home in Beverly, Park. Issues: HOA, property tax appeal, hiring of property manager, primary contractor. Reduced the purchase price by more than 10%.

Identity Theft

  • Convinced banks to waive debts after a relative stole client’s checks and credit cards and charged all, including $120,000 HELOC account, to the limit. Lien was removed from the client’s home and my fee paid by the opposing side.
  • Successfully litigated case involving Wells Fargo bank in which client’s roommate made unauthorized charges to client’s credit card and changed mailing address for card statements. Litigation resulted in full forgiveness of debt.

Employee Disputes

  • Settled without any payments to plaintiff or his lawyer when client, a medium-sized employer, was sued for alleged violation of minimum wage laws, rest and meal period violations, and other offenses.
  • Prepared successful plans to avoid employee court claims for wages, breaks etc by developing employee books, conducting seminars, and developing paperwork to monitor meals and rest breaks.

Debt Collection

  • Successfully challenged and collected debts from multiple bankruptcies on basis of non-dischargeability due to fraud and/or failure to list assets fully.
  • Enforced dozens of "hopeless" judgments, including collection of post-judgment interest and attorney fees. Procedures successfully employed include: ORAP, abstracts, foreclosures, involuntary bankruptcy, Lis Pendens, bank levies, fraudulent transfers actions, levies on community property, levies per spousal affidavits, wage garnishments, suits against garnishee for failure to withhold wages, hidden assets, assignment orders, opposing motions to vacate judgments in law and equity.
  • Judgment for defense in a debt collection case on note signed in Kingdom of Thailand.


  • Prevented client’s child from being dismissed from private school.
  • Collected partial refund from school despite contractual provisions stating “no refund”.
  • Got kids in the best private schools of Los Angeles area.


  • Successfully sued landlord who improperly retained $40,000.00 security deposit.
  • Evicted multiple holdout tenants who demanded payments and held large development project without any rent paid.

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